Cider Fact

A Persian girl on her wedding night is allowed to eat nothing but apples and camel's marrow.

Strabo, Greek geographer


Eleven apple varieties produce 90% of apples sold in grocery stores.

Red Delicious comprises 41% of the American apple crop.

Of the 16,000 apple varieties named, grown and eaten in the US, only 3000 are available today through nurseries.

Forgotten Fruits Manifesto & Manual compiled by Gary Nabham

Ditch the viagra. Eat an apple .

Cider And Apple Info

Wittenham Hill Cider Portal
Andrew Lea’s site with valuable information on small scale cidermaking.

Vintage Virginia Apples
An excellent source of over 250 apple varieties, good quality fruit trees plus workshops on orcharding and cidermaking.

Michael Phillips’ portal for valuable orchard information

Information and evangelizing on traditional craft cider.

UK-centric and informative site on real cider.

Forgotten Fruits Manifesto and Manual from RAFT—Renewing America's Food Traditions.

Forgotten Fruits Manifesto & Manual compiled by Gary Nabhan