Cider Fact

"One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well."

Virginia Woolf

Cider is always a good compliment to stinky cheese.

Food And Cider Pairings

Grilled fish or chicken, Bar-B-Que, Venison Stew, strong ripe cheeses, pork of any kind...cider pairs successfully with many foods. Experiment and find the combinations that appeal to your own palate. We've found these food and cider pairings especially attractive:

  • Traditional French recipes from Normandy such chicken sautéed with shallots and finished with a little cream and Sweet Stayman cider. Or pork roast browned in bacon then roasted in First Fruit cider and stock, with apples and onions.
  • Asian food pairs well with cider–either a more dry cider like Foggy Ridge Serious Cider for sweet Asian dishes or Sweet Stayman for fiery ones.
  • Hearty food pares surprisingly well with cider. Beef or venison chili is delicious with First Fruit or Sweet Stayman. Barbeque of all stripes–tangy vinegar based pork BBQ needs Sweet Stayman or First Fruit; Texas red sauce BBQ marries well with Serious Cider.
  • Pippin Gold is delicious with simple desserts, like pound cake or lace cookies. And it contributes a delicate apple aroma and somewhat less delicate kick to a fruit marinade or vanilla gelato.

See how these fine restaurants cook and pair with Foggy Ridge Cider:

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