Cider Fact

"Cider cider who'll be the rider, saddle up the grey horse, gone to Foggy Ridge to get a case of cider.

Cider cider, a little more cider. Makes me happy, smile a little wider."

Eldon Garner, 91 year old Foggy Ridge customer and harmonica player

We aim to put the orchard in the bottle .

Our Cider

Foggy Ridge Cider taste test award winner Cooking Light Simple is often best–think of a just caught whole fish brushed with fruity olive oil and grilled on a bed of fresh herbs. Or pasta topped with fresh tomatoes, basil and a syrupy balsamic vinegar. Simple is also best with cider.

Foggy Ridge Cider begins in the orchard with cider apples carefully selected for their unique flavors and grown for taste, not appearance. In our cidermaking, we aim to put this fruit in the bottle with minimal manipulation. You won't find hop or blueberry flavored cider; we dont' flavor our hard won cider apples with additions...we aim to put the orchard in every bottle.

For your cider drinking pleasure, we offer four sparkling ciders and two dessert apple ports:

  • Foggy Ridge's First Fruit cider blends early season American heirloom apples to create a rich fruity cider with lively acidity to drink, like Thomas Jefferson, on its own or with a meal.
  • Serious Cider mixes traditional English cider apples like Tremlett's Bitter and Dabinett with tart American favorites like Ashmead's Kernel and Roxbury Russet. This crisp light food friendly cider is a refreshing aperitif paired with cheesy nibbles.
  • The famous Virgnia Stayman apples ripen late in mountain orchards but are worth the wait. Our Sweet Stayman Cider blends the original Stayman apple with heirloom varieties like Grimes Golden and Cox's Orange Pippin to create a lightly sweet cider to sip on its own or with spicy food.
  • Foggy Ridge Handmade is bottled in baby champagne bottles and full of complex apple flavors. This crisp cider made from mostly Newtown Pippin apples with a hinto of Gold Rush, and has beautiful soft tannins with light pear notes.
  • Pippin Gold is a unique blend of 100% Newtown Pippin hard cider and apple brandy from Laird and Company, the country's oldest distiller. Pippin Gold is delicious as a dessert cider or sweet aperitif. Some have swooned over peaches soaked in Pippin Gold served with homemade pound cake.
  • Made only when we have Arkansas Black and Black Twig apples, Pippin Black combines hard cider from Newtown Pippin and those late season "black apples" with Virginia apple brandy. To gild the lily we age this blend on Hungarian Oak. Butterscotch and caramel notes combine with rich apple flavor, making this apple port ideal with blue cheese and walnuts.