Tradition, Reinvented.

Foggy Ridge Cider began in 1997 with a cider apple orchard in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains. Founder Diane Flynt “grows ingredients”—bitter and acidic apples like Hewe’s Crab, Harrison, Tremlett’s Bitter, Ashmead’s Kernel and Parmar, all full of complex flavor. For over a dozen years, the Foggy Ridge crew crafted traditional cider apples into fine cider using all the skill and expertise of modern fermentation. Foggy Ridge now grows cider apples for talented cidermakers throughout the region.

Diane’s Book

Wild, Tamed, Lost, Revived: The Surprising Story of Apples in the South forthcoming from the University of North Carolina Press September 2023.

Book Events

Diane Flynt readings and author events.

Discover Our Story

While we released our last cider in Fall 2017, Foggy Ridge continues to focus on growing exceptional cider fruit.

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“Award winning cidermaker Diane Flynt was the keynote speaker at CiderCon 2022″Great cider is made in the orchard,” says Diane Flynt.