AppleCorps to the Rescue

Apple Corps

Why AppleCorps?

In 1858, American farmers grew over 300 apple varieties. Today just eleven varieties make up 90% of all apples sold in US grocery stores.

Join AppleCorps to save old apple varieties! You will perserve more than trees and fruit—when you save an apple you keep flavors, traditions and memories alive.

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How Does it Work?

AppleCorps has no dues, no regular meetings and no yard sales. You won’t be asked to contribute to a fundraiser. AppleCorps is simply a group of people engaged in saving uncommon apples and the stories that accompany them.

AppleCorps is all about learning and doing. When you join AppleCorps you:

  • Learn about uncommon apple varieties
  • Learn how to graft and grow apple trees
  • Collect uncommon apples in the fall, gather grafting wood in the winter and create new trees in the spring.

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    AppleCorps Tools

    PDF Learn About Old Fashioned Summer Apples

    PDF Learn About Collecting Uncommon Apples

    PDF Winter in the Orchard—Gathering Grafting Wood
    It’s easy to graft an apple tree—and winter is the time to gather grafting wood from your favorite apple trees.

    Lost & Found: The rise, fall and rebirth of the Harrison cider apple

    Fran McManus writes about this famous cider apple that is getting lots of press (in the apple geek world).

     Download the article as a PDF (7k)

    Read the article online

    See our Events page for AppleCorps events.

    One Last Reason to Sign Up

    When you graft and plant that old apple you like so much growing on the side of Hwy 221 near Willis, VA you are saving a delicious apple and the culture that goes with it. You will graft, plant and tend the tree. You will harvest apples, eat and cook with them. And, inevitably, you wil give them away. You will enrich your future by preserving the past.

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