Apple Portraits

Like Robert Frost, “I keep hearing from the cellar bin/The rumbling sound/Of load on load of apples coming in.” This most useful and beautiful fruit deserves sensitive portrayals, just as your treasured child or favorite pet. Enjoy our Portrail Gallery below and see Our Apples for a list of all the beauties in Foggy Ridge Cider.


Dabinett—full of tannin and sugar, and an essential
ingredient of Foggy Ridge Serious Cider.


Foxwhelp—Foggy Ridge Cider’s Foxwhelp is likely
a “Fauxwhelp”, a misnamed apple from the Geneva
Research Station in NY. Regardless of its lineage,
this large high tannin apple contributes rich flavor
to Serious Cider.


Graniwinkle—In colonial America Graniwinkle was
blended with Harrison to make a “most fine” cider.

Kingston Black

Kingston Black—the famous English apple is one
of the few apples with the balance of tannin, acid
and sugar to create a single varietal hard cider.

Pitmaston Pinapple
Pitmaston Pinapple—a tiny spicy sugar bomb

PommeGris apple
PommeGris—looks like a potato and tastes of ginger

PommeGris Apple Group
PommeGris Group—this heavily russetted apple is
nearly pest free

Ribston Pippin Apple

Ribston Pippin—this very old (1709) English apple
is a parent of Cox’s Orange Pippin. Ribston ripens
early at Foggy Ridge and adds lively acidity to the
First Fruit cider blend.

Tremlett's Bitter Apple
Tremlett’s Bitter—a spindly hard to grow tree but a
tannin filled fruit that contributes body to Foggy Ridge
First Fruit.