Where to Buy Our Cider

Retail Stores & Restaurants

While we released our last vintage of Foggy Ridge Cider in late 2017, a few restaurants and shops in the twenty five markets we’ve covered still have our cider on offer. Just when I think we’re no longer on shelves and restaurant lists I run into a bottle of Foggy Ridge Pippin Gold in Richmond, or Serious Cider in Nashville. Our cider is scarce, but keep an eye out or ask at your favorite restaurant or shop.

And also check out other orchard focused cider from Virginia but the Northeast. We especially like Eve’s Cider, Eden Cider, West County Cider, Farnum Hill, James Creek Cider House, Blue Bee Cider, Castle Hill and many more. Look for cider from 100% cider apples with no added flavorings…and you can be sure to get someone’s orchard in your glass.