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Published: October 29, 2015 in Cocktails, Food & Drink

Travis Croxton’s Rappahannock River Oysters is top on my list. Travis and his cousin Ryan revived their grandfather’s oyster business with a modern improvement—sustainable oyster farming rather than the old fashioned method that damaged breeding grounds. Now the Croxtons have moved into the restaurant side with quite a few stunning spots from Tappahannock, to Richmond, Charlottesville, Charlotte and beyond. Our favorite restaurant in the RRO empire is Richmond’s Rappahannock recently featured in The Local Palate. Stop by to sample That Foggy Feeling Fizz which is as delicious as it is beautiful!

That Foggy Feeling Fizz

Jason Laugh, Rappahannock-Richmond, VA


  1. Shake all ingredients but cider over ice then pour into a hi ball glass.
  2. Top off with Foggy Ridge Stayman Winesap cider.


That Foggy Feeling Fizz

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