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Books on Apples and Cider

Published: May 12, 2014 in Resources

apples-frank-browningBrowning, Frank. Apples. ISBN 0-86547-537-7

Bunyard, Edward, A. The Anatomy of Dessert—With a Few Notes on Wine. ISBN 0-8129-7157-4. Originally published in 1929, Bunyard describes the optimal moment of deliciousness for apples and other fruits.

Burford, Tom. Apples: A Catalogue of International Varieties. Available

Calhoun, Lee. Old Southern Apples. ISBN 0-939923-59-9. An out of print classic soon to be reissued, and a must-have for apple growers in the deep south.

Hatch, Peter. The Fruits and Trees of Monticello. ISBN 0-8139-1746-8
A beautifully written book on Thomas Jefferson’s collection of over 125 fruit trees at Monticello. Hatch writes at length about the most popular apple cultivar in 18th century Virginia, the Hewe’s Crab—the dominant apple in Foggy Ridge First Fruit Cider.

Phillips, Michael. The Apple Grower: A Guide for the Organic Orchardist. ISBN 1-890132-04-7 or order from the author at

Proulx, Annie, and Nichols, Lew. Cider: Making, Using and Enjoying Sweet & Hard Cider. 2nd Edition. Storey Communications. 1997

Rosenstein, Mark In Praise of Apples
ISBN 1–57990-124-7 or
A great book of apples and cider recipes from the chef-owner of the award winning Market Place Restaurant in Asheville, NC.

Watson, Ben. Cider, Hard and Sweet: History, Traditions, and Making Your Own. ISBN 0-88150-468-8

Yepsen, Roger. Apples. ISBN 0-393-03690-I

From RAFT—Renewing America’s Food Traditions:

Forgotten Fruits Manual & Manifest

PDF Diane’s Foggy Ridge Orchard Notebook

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